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What to Do for New Years Eve in NYC

Can you all believe December (and 2018) are almost over? It seems like time has been flying, and I am finding myself scrambling to think of what to for one of the biggest nights of the year - New Year's Eve in New York City.

New Year's Eve: when expectations run high, and prices for open bars run higher.

The reality of the situation is that New Year's Eve is just the one day a year when we all dress up and expect to have a significantly better time than any other night of the year. So to help you actually have that great night, I am sharing a list of some ideas of how to spend your night.

Night Out

If you want to go out for New Years Eve in New York City, you need to buy a ticket. Bars that do not have tickets are few and far between, so you will spend much of your night waiting in line if you don't splurge for a spot somewhere. It's definitely possible, but not advisable.

Last year, I used this website called Joonbug to compare options, and this year I thought i would help you all with the leg work! Here are some great options - mostly at bars I have been to and can vouch for their ~good vibes~.

Under $100

  • Delancy - $89 for general admission - 5 hour open bar & snacks

  • Fool's Gold - $69 for general admission - 5 hour open bar

  • Avalon Yacht - $99 for general admission - 4 hour open bar & snacks

  • Stanton Social - $99 for general admission - 4 hour open bar

  • The Lately - $89 for general admission - 5 hour open bar

  • Vandal - $99 for general admission - 4 hour open bar

Under $150

  • Royalton Park Ave - $135 for general admissions - 4 hour open bar & snacks

  • Capitale - $119 for general admission - 6 hour open bar & snacks

  • Hotel Chantelle - $139 for general admission - 5 hour open bar & snacks

  • The DL - $119 for general admission - 5 hour open bar & snacks

  • Nomo Soho - $129 for general admission - 5 hour open bar

Last year, I went to the Royalton Park Ave (we purchased tickets when it was still the Gansevoort) and it was amazing! The food and drinks were easy to access and the vibes were great. My friends and I even somehow snagged a couch area a little later on in the night.

This year, we are going for something a little less TBD on the plans!

Times Square

Millions of people gather in Times Square to watch the ball drop, and you can be one of them! It is not necessarily my idea of a good time, but definitely a once in a lifetime experience if you are interested. I have heard its best to arrive mid-afternoon and stake your claim on a good spot. You will be waiting outside for a long while, so be sure to bundle up.

Also, if you want to half-do the Times Square thing, you can book a bar that overlooks the ball drop. They are pretty expensive and touristy, but a good compromise.

Night In / House Party

If one of your friends has a big enough apartment to host, I would recommend stocking up on snacks, ordering some catering, and doing an apartment party with your closest friends. In a few years when I have enough space for 20 to 30 people, I will definitely be looking to host. I think it is so nice to be able to all get together without having to worry about tickets, lines, weather, and all the other stress that comes with NYE.

What are your plans to ring in 2019?! Do you have any suggestions of great things to do in New York?


Alana Robin

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