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What it's Really Like to Get Your First Ever Facial at Heyday | Unsponsored, Full Review!

As an avid beauty addict since age 8, I am not sure how I have never gone for a facial. Growing up in the Midwest, it wasn't something people were doing all the time. Post-graduation, I moved to New York City and was already so used to doing my at-home facial regimen. Last month, I finally made the plunge and went to Heyday for a facial!

What to Expect Pre-Facial at Heyday

When you enter Heyday, it will look like a little beauty shop with some nice seating and cute plants. You'll check in at the counter and wait a second or two to be called to the back.

In the back, there will be a comfy table/bed with a blanket and pillow. You can stay in your clothes and get nice and comfortable! This is different than in a full-service spa where you might need to undress for a full day of services.

What to Expect During Your Facial at Heyday

Heyday's big differentiator is that they are an approachable facial, so they explain everything they are doing as you go. Mine started off with them asking what my skin type was and then using a process to take a look behind the curtain (read: fancy lights) to see if I was right.

I was right. I have major combination skin in all the textbook places you would expect with dry skin on my cheeks and oily skin on my T-zone.

From there, the esthetician massaged creams, masks, and oils around my face to prepare my skin for extractions. The extractions will hurt a little, but not much. It is more a pinch that you would feel when plucking eyebrows than anything too intimidating!

Going to try Heyday? Get $10 off! They have a friend referral program, and we are friends! So mention my name and we both get $10 off.

What to Expect Post-Facial at Heyday

After your facial is done, the esthetician will recommend some great products for you to use. One thing that surprised me about this, was that they recommended super affordable options. I left with a list of items to order from the brand The Ordinary on Sephora, which are each about $8.

Overall it will be a wonderful exerpience and you will feel so zen. Your skin will be a touch red, but oh-so-glowy! You won't want to put on makeup for a week. Your skin will look that good to you.

Going to try Heyday? Get $10 off! They have a friend referral program, and we are friends! So mention my name and we both get $10 off.

I think I will need to go back for seconds! I seriously cannot believe I haven't gotten a facial before. Worth trading in manicures for...

Have you had a facial? What do you love most about it?


Alana Robin

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