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A Weekend in Miami Travel Guide | By Alana Robin

To me, a sense of place means that a space has an environment that is fully representative of and unique to a location. Miami is a city that has a sense of place in the realest way! There was not one room, restaurant, or sidewalk I walked down that didn't feel distinctly like Miami. From the bright colors, to the street art, to the intense greenery, I am here for it all.

If every place had a sense of place, I think the world would be a better place.

Today I will be talking to you all about how to get the most out of a brief weekend in Miami.

When to Visit Miami

I would recommend going between November and April. I am a little bias as a Northerner...who just wants to escape the cold, but seriously the sand BURNS in the Summer. You have to be able to handle the heat if you go then!

How to Get to Miami

You can fly into the Miami or Fort Lauderdale Airport, which are 20 and 40 minutes respectively from the Miami Beach / South Beach area. I would recommend checking both to see what is cheapest for you. An Uber from each should be around $20-45, and there are also some shuttle bus options that can save you additional money.

Where to Stay in Miami

I would recommend staying in Miami Beach, South Beach, or Brickell depending on what vibe you are interested in. Brickell will have more of a local vibe, but Miami and South Beach will keep you right in the center of the action (and the restaurants)!

What to Do and Eat in Miami


The entire beach is gorgeous if you ask me! Below 5th St is more of a local scene while 5th to around 30th will be a bit touristy given all of the hotels. We went to the beach around 17th because our hotel had lounge chairs included. It was definitely crowded, but still so beautiful to sit and relax with views of all the bright colored lighthouses.


27 Restaurant & Broken Shaker: I cannot recommend this place enough! The food is cuban fusion and the cocktails are artisanal. There was a bartender's choice offering, where you can pick an alcohol and give a flavor profile for a custom, surprise drink.

In addition to the great food, the scene is so cool. It has a vintage, homey vibe inside that is surrounded by a jungle with a courtyard and pool.

Watr at the 1 Rooftop: Watr was absolutely spectacular. We felt like we were in a treehouse and loved the food. We ordered the steak saltado bowl and chicken yakisoba noodles, which were both filling and flavorful. I would highly recommend the steak if you are picking just one!

Lido at the Standard: At first when I heard we were going to the Standard, I was a little hesitant because there is on in New York, but WOW! This Standard is on a small island with a gorgeous view. There were gardens leading out to the water with hammocks, fire pits, and swings. The whole environment was absolutely stunning. Overall, the menu was good, but nothing too special. I would say it is worth going more for the environment than the food!

Basement: I love this club! It is comprised of a bowling alley, skating rink, and dance floor in the basement of the Edition Hotel. We had the best time here and loved being able to bowl for awhile!

Tips to Save Money While You Travel to Miami

  • Eat takeout on the beach: This is the easiest and cheapest way to have a meal with a view!

  • Only get apps or a drink at trendy places: If you want to go to trendy places, you still can on a budget! Just eat your full meal before or after.

  • Stay at a hotel further inland: This is an obvious way to save money, but it is especially easy to do in the Miami beach area. The whole area is a rather narrow strip of land, so even being a bit further in is a quick walk.


Alana Robin

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