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Travel Guide of Sorrento

travel guide, sorrento

Going to Italy is like transporting yourself into a post card you found in your grandparents basement. There is history and beauty at every turn. As a foodie myself, I have loved my trips to Italy as ways to try new foods and engage in a culture that is so focused on not just food, but also the overall experience of a meal shared between friends and family.

My most recent trip to Italy was to Sorrento. It was the first time I have been to Europe and stayed in just one hotel, and I loved it. Sorrento is a great place to stay because you can do a wide variety of day trips from there and get a full Amalfi coast experience without the hassle of multiple hotels.

Here is my full guide to all you need to know about planning a trip to Sorrento!

Getting There

Getting to Italy is not quite as lovely as Italy itself...

From the US to Italy

I would recommend flying into Rome and then taking an express train to Naples. From there, you can either take a private car, bus or Circumvesuviana train.

  • Private Car: Pricey and comfortable at $75 - 100 Euros, can be booked ahead of time

  • Bus: Direct and semi-comfortable at roughly $30 Euros, can be booked ahead of time or when you arrive

  • Circumvesuviana Train: Direct, fast, not so comfortable at $4 Euros, can be paid for when you arrive with a full schedule here

My advice would be to choose based on your price and comfort needs. I have seen articles that say the Circumvesuviana train is gross, but honestly I didn't mind it. If you are used to riding the Subway or public transportation, it is the same - not nicer, but not worse. If you have never taken public transit, a bus or private car might be a better option for your comfort zone!

Staying in Sorrento

Sorrento town has many options for accommodations from hotels, to Airbnbs, and apartment rentals. My recommendation would be to either stay directly in the city center near Piazza Tasso or at a hotel with a shuttle to the city center.

We stayed at the Grand Vesuvio Hotel just up the hill from Sorrento Town. I really liked this area because it was quiet with an amazing view and pool. We were able to relax up there and the hotel had a shuttle to take us downtown when we needed. While there are public buses you can take, having a hotel shuttle is much more convenient!

The last time I was in Italy, I stayed at a hotel that did not have a shuttle, and we wasted a lot of time waiting for the public buses. It is definitely doable and can save some $$$, but now that I have tried a place with a shuttle I am not going back! It is so convenient and a great alternative to staying right in city center.

Where to eat in Sorrento

We all know I LOOOOOVE to eat and it dictates much of my travel agenda.

Some of my favorite places we tried in Sorrento include:

  • Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria: Go for lunch to have a killer view and not pay the extreme prices!

  • Five Sisters Restaurant: Located in the Marina Grande, this place had the best mussels! Trust me - we tried many mussels all around town and these were superb.

  • Inn Bufalito: For some fabulous food and even better buffalo chesse! Can you say burrata?

Sights to See in Sorrento

Mariana Grande

Mariana Grande is actually now the smaller marina in Sorrento, but it absolutely beautiful. it will take you back in time to when it was a small fishing villages. We rented a kayak and it was a killer workout! We did an hour around the harbor and in a cute little swimming grotto.

Vallone dei Mulini Sawmill

Not too much to see here, but it is an ancient sawmill right near the city center. Would definitely recommend taking a quick peak at it!

Museum Correale

This museum has a variety of paintings, furniture and a beautiful garden overlook. Much of the furniture is inlaid wood, a famous furniture process of the region. You can easily look through the whole museum in about an hour!

Farms of Sorrento

On our final day in Sorrento, we went to La Masseria family farm. The farm picked us up at our hotel and took us directly there. Once there, we had a great tour of the farm with a full farm to table dinner. It was a fun/unique experience and the limoncello was to die for it.

Day Trips from Sorrento

Pompeii and/or Herculanium

You visit Pompeii and/or Herculanium by taking the good ole Cicumvesuviana train. Its about 5 euros round trip and then you pay for entrance or a tour when you arrive. We did a walking tour for 12 extra euros, and found it to be well worth it.

The whole place is ruins with somewhat little signage, so having a tour guide who took us around and explained the history was quite helpful.

Full post coming soon on a day trip to Pompeii!

Ravello, Amalfi & Positano

The oh so lovely Amalfi Coast is a must see if you are in Sorrento. It is an easy day trip to see one or all three town and you can go through a tour company, private car, or public bus.

We opted for going by public bus and then adding in a hike between Ravello and Amalfi.

Check out my post on the perfect hike from Ravello to Amalfi!


You can easily visit Capri for a day with a few different options! It is about half an hour each way and you can go through a tour company, private boat, or public ferry.

We were planning to go by ferry, but unfortunately it was too windy and ALL boats were cancelled for the day. So...probably don't go during windy season!

When I go back, I plan to go through a tour company so I can do swims in the grottos and visit the full capri town. I have found tours to be great in the past to fit in a lot in a little time!

XOXO, Alana

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