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The Best Pasta in NYC | Lilia | Restaurant Review by Alana Robin

If you ask me, pasta is it's own food group. Arguably, the most important one. It fills you up, makes you happy, and can be made in so many unique and interesting ways. One of the best pasta chef's out there, Missy Robbins, has two amazing italian restaurants in Brooklyn, Lilia and Misi.

Missy Robbins has been Obama's favorite chef for years, and now she is official mine too.

Today I will be breaking down all the aspects of Lilia. From what to order, who to go with, how to get a table, and what to wear, this post has you covered.

Reasons to Love

  • The Pasta is so fresh and delicately made that you can literally taste the love (aka time) that went into its creation.

  • The vibe is casual, while the food is at the level of fine dining.

  • You can have all the cheese you could possibly dream of in one meal.

The Details

Find the menu here!

Find the restaurant at 567 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Want to see what I thought about Missy's other Brooklyn Restaurant? Check out my Misi review here.

What I Ordered

The menu is short and sweet, but every single item looked worth ordering. It was tough to decide what to get, so my friend and I split a few dishes. Halfway through our pasta entrees, we were so impressed that we ordered another appetizer that was still lingering on our minds.


Seasonal Focaccia of the Day

The seasonal focaccia is not on the menu and is presented as a daily special. You need to get it! Ours was a had onions, cheese, and a green whipped butter. It was spectacular and so fresh.

Cacio E Pepe Fritelle

Another bready option that you can't miss. Each Fritelle is like a popover filled with warm, gooey cacio e pepe cheese. I could literally eat these everyday for the rest of my life. It was such a unique twist on a popover, and the whole time we were wondering how they balanced the cheesy consistency on the inside with the crisp outer shell.

Sugar Snap Peas, Lardo, Black Pepper

Gotta have your veggies! The sugar snap peas were, like everything else, so great. They came cold and were good for a hot afternoon. They had quite a few veggie options, and the waiter also recommended the broccoli and cucumbers.


Mafaldini, Pink Peppercorn, Parmigiano

A twist on the classic cacio e pepe, this dish was a creamy pasta with pink peppercorn. The noodles were a fun squiggly shape, and the cream was rich without being too heavy. I would highly recommend getting this pasta if you visit.

Sheeps Milk Cheese Filled Agnolotti, Saffron, Dried Tomato, Honey

Agnolotti, similar to ravioli, is such a fun dish. This one was stuffed with such a fluffy cheese and topped with a balance of saffron, tomatoes, and sweet honey. Anything with saffron is always such a treat, but I think the most impressive part was the fluffy sheeps milk cheese. I was so inspired by the cheese, that I am thinking of buying a hand-mixer to try making it at home!


Sadly, we were way too stuffed on our extra appetizer to enjoy dessert, but if the gelato is anything like it was at Misi, it is spectacular. Try to save room - if you can!

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere is what you would expect of a trendy restaurant - cool lighting fixtures, exposed white brick, and decorative accents. We walked in, so ended up sitting outside. The outside area was on a semi-quiet street, which was perfect for enjoying out meal on such a beautiful and sunny day.

What to Wear

Anything you want! I think you ~could~ wear sneakers with a causal outfit, but I would recommend jeans and a dressy top or a more casual dress.

Who I'd Recommend Going With

This is the perfect spot for a date or friendly catch-up. Getting a table is nearly impossible, so I would recommend only going with one other person. Getting a table is a struggle, but I believe in you! The options are as follows:

  • Reservation: You can book a reservation on Resy at midnight exactly one month out. It is such a popular restaurant though, that even if you are clicking into a time-slot, it is often taken before the confirmation page can load. Find somewhere with lightning fast wifi if you want to go the reservation route!

  • Walk-In: Walk-ins are seated at the bar or outside, so if you go on a nice day your chances of being seated are essentially doubled. I would recommend arriving 20-30 minutes before they open, as a line will form for the first openings. We arrived by 5PM, and were seated as soon as they opened.


Alana Robin

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