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Rustic Table Review | Review by Alana Robin

Another Sunday well spend with good brunch and good friends!

This week, I went to Rustic Table with a friend who was visiting from San Francisco. We were looking for somewhere on the West Side, and stumbled upon this gem of a cozy and delicious brunch spot.

Reasons to Love

  • They have fun Mediterranean twists on all the best brunch basics

  • They are farm to table and oh-so-fresh

  • The decor is envy inducing (seriously...I have been on amazon searching some of their lighting options all afternoon)

The Details

Find the menu here!

Find the restaurant at 504 W 42nd St, New York, NY

What I Ordered

I had the Balkan Croissant which was a croissant with a vegetable omelet, homemade harissa tahini sauce and arugula. I absolutely loved it! The tahini was the perfect amount of spicy and added a lot of flavor to the otherwise traditional croissant & egg sandwich.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere is cozy and casual with rustic-chic decor. I love the rustic reclaimed wood tables and lighting!

Who I'd Recommend Going With

The restaurant is quite small and they don't take reservations, so I would recommend going with only one to two other people. I went with only one other, and we only had a 15 minute wait. If I were to go back, I would put my name down on yelp ahead of time. I think its a great spot for a casual brunch to catch up with a friend!XOXO,Alana Robin
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