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Rubirosa Restaurant Review | By Alana Robin

The best pizza in New York City? I've heard that one too many times to know what's true. Today I will be breaking down all the aspects of Rubirosa, one of the more infamous places to grab a slice in lower Manhattan. From what to order, who to go with, and what to wear, this post has you covered.

Reasons to Love Rubirosa

  • The pizza is so big and delicious you wont know what to do with yourself

  • You can get two flavors on one pizza

  • They deliver on Caviar, which means you don't even have to wait for a reservation to try it for yourself.

The Details

Find the menu here!

Find the restaurant at 235 Mulberry St, New York, NY.

What I Ordered at Rubirosa

My friend and I split a pizza and a pasta, which were both amazing. We were allowed to double down on the pizza with two types, so of course we chose the two most popular ones!

Bianca Pizza

Ricotta, mozzarella, garlic & oregano

YUM. If you like a white pizza, you will love this one. It has just the ight amount of garlic to cut through the cheese and provide a kick. I added some red pepper flakes to my slice for a little something extra as well!

Tie Dye Pizza

Vodka, tomato, pesto & fresh mozzarella

The classic Rubirosa Pizza, this pesto swirl can be found all over Instagram. It was even better than it looked. I kid you not, this vodka sauce was so so delicious and well worth the hype. Plus, who doesn't love a good photo op?

Tuscan Kale Campanelle Pasta

Wild mushroom, sofrito & garlic cream

The tuscan kale pasta was light with a smooth, creamy sauce. The mushrooms were earth and fresh, which balanced out the kale infused pasta. While I have nothing bad to say about this pasta, I would definitely stick with the pizza if you are only able to try one dish.

The Atmosphere

It is a super crowded atmosphere and you have to either make a reservation months ahead or wait hours for a table. While it was nice to eat there, the atmosphere wasn't really part of the experience. I would recommend using Caviar to order some directly to your house or hotel room - you'll get all the good pizza without the wait!

What to Wear

Anything! It is so casual, so there are no guidelines or rules to follow. Wear what makes you happy.

Who I'd Recommend Going With

Anyone who loves pizza and is willing to share!

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Alana Robin

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