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My Favorites - January 2019 | By Alana Robin

Somehow, I blinked and missed the entire month of January! I cannot believe it is already a whole month into 2019, but let me tell you, the year is off to a strong start. Today, I will be rounding up some of my favorite things from the month.

January's Favorite Food / Restaurants

27 Restaurant in Miami

I loved visiting this restaurant when I was in Miami last month. The food and the ambiance were so much fun and so unlike anything I can get in New York City. For more about my experience there, check out my weekend in Miami Travel Guide.

Rustic Table in Manhattan

I absolutely loved the brunch at Rustic Table! It was all the best brunch classics with Mediterranean twists.

January's Favorite Beauty Products

Essie Gel Polish

This nail polish is amazing. I recently stopped getting gel manicures (talked about why in my budgeting post here!) and have found my saving grace. I personally cannot stand chipped nails and love the look of gel, so being about to get this at home, without breaking the bank, has made me a happy camper this year. I bought a few colors all for less than one salon gel manicure!

Revlon One-Step Blow Dryer & Styler

My best friend told me about this bad boy, and it is a game changer. I have wavy hair that dries slooooowly. This dryer takes it to a sleek looks so quickly and easily! I tend to do a little touch up with my straightener after this, but do find it to get my hair most of the way to ready in under 5 minutes.

Glossier Stretch Concealer

Another favorite of mine is the Glossier concealer. When I first got it, it reminded me of the Mac paint pot. I adore it though! it blends easily and has good natural coverage.

January's Favorite Fashion

Old Navy Cozy Zip Up

The polar vortex is here...and I have been loving this Zip Up from Old Navy to stay cozy in my room. I live in an older building, so it is freezing! This Zip Up has been a lifesaver and is so incredibly soft.


I have been wearing my earmuffs everyday this month! I am a huge fan because they are warm, but don't leave me showing up to work with hat hair.

January's Favorite Inspiration

Thrive Global's Article on Therapy Tips for Anxiety

I loved this article this month. I think it does a stellar job distilling how we overanalyze situations and let them feel more stressful than they should. It is definitely worth a quick read and has really stuck with me throughout the month.

Thanks for reading! My goal is to do this at least every other month this year, so let me know if you liked it and would like more content like this!


Alana Robin

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