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  • Alana Robin

Mala Project Midtown | Review by Alana Robin

I can only begin to describe how amazing the Mala Project was. My sister and I went a few weeks ago after she had seen it on Instagram and at first I was a bit nervous at what the price point would be based on their concept.

But let me start at the beginning. We walked in and were enchanted to find a dimly lit restaurant with candles, cool decor, and very fun vibes. After being seated, we were given menus that had many different items and one page of appetizers and some entrées. Our waiter was kind enough to explain to us how everything worked. Pretty much you select 5 to 7 items from the raw food list, the spice level, and they cook it up for you and bring it out in one big bowl.

Honestly, when the bowl first came out I felt it might not be enough food for both of us, but boy was I wrong. We ended up having more than enough food for us and leftovers for another meal - which is seriously the best feeling after a delicious meal.

Food babies aside, I would highly recommend this restaurant. Our huge bowl of veggies, corn, bok choy, tofu, and greenery was so spicy and flavorful in all the very best ways. The best part? It was unexpectedly in budget!! With the ambience of this restaurant and the set up of picking item by item to create a bowl, I thought this would be an extremely expensive dinner. In the end though, our dinner came out to $30 for both of us - after tip!

I plan on going back here and taking my boyfriend. It would be a great date spot and a fun place for him to customize the meal and get everything he wants. My sister and I enjoyed a tofu vegetarian dish, but he loves steak so I’m really excited to try out their meats and see what that is like.

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