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Make Room for Engine Room of Mystic, CT

With my travels continuing on the coast in Connecticut, I had a chance to try Engine Room of Mystic.

I’ve now been there twice actually because I just couldn’t stay away from their great happy hour deals and expansive dinner menu.

The first time we were there early enough for happy hour which offers both drinks and appetizers at discounted rates. We had the oyster stuffie and hush puppies to eat with a Fishers Island Lemonade. I really enjoyed the oyster stuffie, which was essentially baked cornbread in an oyster shell, as I’ve never tried anything quite like it before. The hush puppies were also very good and flavorful here.

For my entree, I split a kale salad and beet burger with a friend. I cannot recommend the beet burger enough! It looked a little scary being so red, almost like raw meat, but was such a great veggie burger option.

The second time I went here we went with a group of 13 we were able to get a long table to accommodate all of us and everyone ordered a Y variety of their menu items. I ordered the pork pole boy which was a great flavor and honestly bold choice for a restaurant that was otherwise mostly bar and seafood. To say I was hesitant to order this item be understatement I was very skeptical but it ended up being great. In addition I enjoyed a nice glass of wine.

Oh no I would recommend going here for happy hour getting some other appetizers trying their arm food out and of course ordering some of their seafood. If you’re able to get a table outside and it’s a nice day I would also highly recommend that as you’re able to see the water a bit but I do want to recommend I do want to notify it is across the street that the water is so you’re not directly on the waterfront.

This place is also a great atmosphere if you are taking Simon on a date so I would highly recommend getting a reservation and looking into that as well. As rustic chic buys and his candle it so you really can’t go wrong!

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