• Alana Robin

La Pecora Bianca | Review by Alana Robin


We all know I love pasta more than most things, and La Pecora Bianca is no different. Today I'll be giving a quick review of the New York City hotspot known for their local ingredients and vibrant vibes.

Reasons to Love La Pecora Bianca:

  • They are on opentable (hello, easy reservations!)

  • They have multiple, convenient locations (including a lunch spot!)

  • THEY HAVE RICOTTA WITH TRUFFLE HONEY (no further comment required.)

The Details

Find the menu here!

Find the restaurant at...

  • Nomad (26th and Broadway)

  • Midtown (50th and 2nd Ave)

  • UrbanSpace (51st and Lexington)

What I Ordered

Appetizer: We ordered the Ricotta Toast which was a rich, whipped ricotta with truffle honey and some chilli powder. The flavors were insane - a perfect blend of sweet a savory. The appetizer was the right size to split for two, which I would recommend. It would be a lot of cheese for one!

Entree: The Campanelle pasta with roasted wild mushrooms, arugula pesto, confit, and pecorino was more than impressive. While I love pasta and am easily please, I can differentiate between a "simple, yet nice" and a "freshly made, flavorful masterpiece" of a dish. This one was the latter. Would highly recommend checking it out if you go anytime soon.

I also must confess...I am a sucker for a fun pasta shape! Anybody else have a bag of gigli pasta in their pantry?

The Atmosphere

Vibrant and fun!

My friend and I went the other night after work and it was CROWDED. It was a wide variety of groups of friends and couples surrounded by the fun modern decor.

It was lively for a Thursday night, so I would definitely recommend making a reservation.

Who I'd Recommend Going With

For the Nomad and Midtown locations, I think this is a great spot to grab brunch or dinner with friends! It was a little crowded and loud to be a go to date spot, but definitely a great place to catch up and see the scene.

For the UrbanSpace location, go with anyone anytime! I love UrbanSpace as a lunch spot and an easy place to grab dinner on the way home. I haven't tried La Pecora Bianca at UrbanSpace, but if its half as good as the restaurant it will certainly be better than your typical, workday lunch salad.


Alana Robin