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Hike the Amalfi Coast: Ravello to Amalfi

I love Italy. Last week, I was there for my second time and was staying in Sorrento with my parents.

One day, my mom and I decided to tour the Amalfi coast and were looking for a hike that would be challenging, with a beautiful view, and not take up the whole day.

Knowing that we wanted to see Ravello, Amalfi, and Positano, we settled on a hike down from Ravello to Amalfi.

The Hike

Starting Point: Ravello (To the Left of Villa Rufolo)

Ending Point: Atrani / Amalfi

Duration: ~1 hour

Difficulty Level: Medium

We started in Ravello Town Center after touring the Villa Rufolo. You can find the entrance by looking at the Villa Rufolo entrance and beginning down the hiking trail directly to the left of it.

The small trail starts out as a slight decline with wide stairs and then becomes steeper staircases. The majority of the time there were even railings with the stairs, so the hike is not too difficult in that regard, but you do want to be careful for tree roots and uneven stones.

Staying on Path

In order to stay on the right path, keep an eye on the signage. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was good signage throughout the path in the form of ceramic signs with a white background and blue lettering. Every time we came to a fork in the road, we looked around and were able to find a sign!

There were two instances where we had to cross the road, at the first of those junctures, we walked left through a plaza and the path started back up on the left after a couple hundred yards. The second time, we were able to keep going down a stairwell almost directly across the street.

Your Arrival

The path will end with you near a large white church in Atrani, the town just to the east of Amalfi. From here, my mom and I walked on a walking path until we saw a tunnel passage for people to walk from the parking lot to Amalfi. I would recommend going through this walkway so you are not in the narrow road that cars go through. It has a big red and white sign - you can't miss it!

This passage will let you out right in the center of Amalfi and from there you can explore the whole town!

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