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Healthiest Options at Midtown Lunch Spots | What to Order for Every Mood

Trying to do the whole New Year, New You thing? I know, it's hard. Especially when you fail to pack lunch and end up eating out. Everyday.

Today, I combed through the menus of all my favorite midtown lunch spots to come up with a guide to the lowest calorie and lowest fat menu options from each spot. Everything I have listed is under 500 calories (some far less) and would be the best options for you when you go out for lunch.

In addition to this list, you should of course also take into account the rest of your diet and dietary needs to ensure you're not getting too much or too little protein or sodium. AKA don't go for the soup every single day even though its the lowest calories because you will likely be high in sodium!

If you just want a soup...

  • Hale & Hearty: Ten Vegetable (70/140), Chicken Vegetable with Couscous (80/160), Tomato Basil with Rice (110/220), Three Lentil Chili (160/320)

  • Just Salad: Seasonal Soups are low cal!

  • Dishes: Daily specials vary and do not provide calorie info

  • Panera: Chicken Noodle (110+)

  • Pret: Moroccan lentil (330), Chicken Noodle (190), Tomato Feta (260), Turkey Chili (340)

If you just want a salad...

  • Sweet Green: Kale Caesar (420 - I substitute the dressing for the cucumber tahini yogurt), Spicy Thai Salad (440), Hummus Tahina (495)

  • Hale & Hearty: Winter Cobb (416)

  • Just Salad: Seared Tuna Bowl (330), Thai Chicken Crunch (170), The California (310), Chicken Caesar (300), Buffalo Chicken Salad (320), Tandoori Fire (350)

  • Chop't: Palm Beach Salad (170), Mexican Caesar Salad (260), Asian Crunch Salad (260), Mexicali Vegan (390), Kale Caesar (180)

  • Pret: Mediterranean Mezze (380), Veggie Fiesta (430)

  • Fresh & Co.: Kale Caesar (180), Gaucho Salad (320), Mexican Caesar (380)

  • Panera: Ancient Grain and Arugula with Chicken (180/360), Seasonal Greens (90/180)

If you need a sandwich like 10 minutes ago...

  • Potbelly: Mediterranean (470)

  • Subway: Almost any cold cut or veggie sandwich (~300) - Avoid the tuna, spicy salami, and meatball sub

  • Hale & Hearty...don't do it.

  • Dishes: Daily specials vary and do not provide calorie info

  • Panera: Mediterranean Veggie (220/450)

If you're like really hungry...

  • Nanoosh: Powerfood plate with mixed greens, baked falafel, hummus, Mediterranean salad, Tzatziki (315 - the hummus is caloric, but also the best part, so I pair it with other healthier options!)

  • Cava: Base of salad with falafel, cabbage slaw, califlower quinoa, roasted red pepper hummus (not listed, but this is a selection of their lowest fat items together!)

  • Roti: Salad base, chicken kebab, hummus, cabbage slaw, fresh veggies, dill, yogurt + cucumber sauce (not listed, but this is a selection of their lowest fat items together!)

  • Chipotle: Chicken, fajita veggies, lettuce, tomato mild salsa, corn salsa and guac (465 - skip beans, rice, sour cream & cheese to break 500)

  • Dig Inn: Daily specials vary, but a protein, seasonal veggies, and limited sauces are always a good way to go

  • Fields Good Chicken: Probably don't do it if you're trying to stay healthy

  • Fresh & Co.: Baked Falafel Grain Bowl (500)

Key Takeaways for Eating Lunch Out

  • Subway is shockingly healthy for a 6 inch sub!

  • Eating the same type of food daily isn't going to be what's best - variety is the spice of life!

  • Sometimes it's okay to treat yourself with that Nanoosh or Chipotle!

  • Just Salad & Chop't have healthier featured salads than Sweet Green.

What's your favorite midtown lunch spot?


Alana Robin

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