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DIY Afternoon Tea At Home

Let's face it - staying home all the time is getting old. To keep things interesting, I decided to recreate one of my favorite dining experiences by bringing afternoon tea home. This quarantine food idea is perfect if you have a special occasion to celebrate or are just looking to have fun with your roommates (aka parents).

Steps to making the perfect afternoon tea at home:

  1. Select the tea for your mood

  2. Make your favorite finger sandwiches & scones

  3. Plate everything on your cutest platters

  4. Put on Taylor Swift's Folklore Album

  5. Invite a friend (or roommate!) to join you & dig in!

Step One: Selecting the Perfect Tea

There are so many different kinds of tea, and you honestly can't go wrong. Personally, I love a pumpkin chai for fall or a lavender for a lazy afternoon tea time. I have found some really fun new flavors to try in the HomeGoods food section and would recommend taking a look there if you want something unique on a budget!

Step Two: Make Finger Sandwiches & Scones

Making finger sandwiches is the best part of hosting tea time. I like to recreate my favorites that I have had out. Here are some of my favorite combos:

  • Cucumber & Lightly Whipped Cream Cheese

  • Mini Avocado Toast with Feta & Tomatoes

  • Strawberries & Whipped Ricotta with a Sprinkle of Rosemary

  • Egg Salad with Roasted Red Pepper Flakes

For scones, I used this recipe and added my own flare with some lightly toasted almonds and craisins. You can really get creative with these and use whatever you have in the house!

Step Three: Plate Everything on Teaware

Plating everything on fun platters is what will make your tea feel special. If you don't have a raised platter, I recommend balancing on plate on a wide cup or mug. This will make it feel fancy without you needing to buy anything new.

As far as tea sets go, I am obsessed with T2 Tea for One sets. I purchased a set last year on Black Friday, and will definitely be checking out their sales later this fall.

Step Four: Put on Taylor Swift's Folklore Album

This step needs no explanation.


Are you going to try hosting your own at-home tea party? If so, I'd love to see your pictures so send them my way @alanarobina.


Alana Robin

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