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  • Alana Robin

Cafe Clover Restaurant Review | NYC

After so many years of going out to eat in New York, I am constantly on the search for new, healthy options with fun vibes. Cafe Clover is exactly that. Today I will be breaking down all the aspects of Cafe Clover. From what to order, who to go with, and what to wear, this post has you covered.

Reasons to Love

  • The menu is seasonal & organic

  • Their 'bread' is actually all seeds - almost like a delicious seed chip

  • The decor is swanky and will have you feeling chic in the West Village

The Details

Find the menu here!

Find the restaurant in the West Village at 10 Dowing St, New York, NY.

What I Ordered

Shrimp Dumplings with pea leaves, sichuan peppercorn, toasted garlic, chili oil & cilantro

I love dumplings, and these were no exception. There was a good balance of sweet and spicy with the sauces.

Chickpea Spaghetti Alla Nerano with summer zucchini, provolone del monaco, sweet basil

The zucchini cream sauce on this pasta is unreal. It was so creamy and delicious with only a fraction of the gilt, plus there are crisp zucchini chips topping it which is such a delicious touch. You can't leave without trying this dish!

Seed Crusted Salmon with baby artichokes, sunflower shoots, and preserved lemon

YUM! My boyfriend and I often order salmon as one of our dishes when we go for date night and want a healthy balance. Sometimes they can be bland, but this one was not! I loved the artichoke bed as a salty side.

The Atmosphere

We sat outside, but the whole atmosphere here was fun and swanky. The decor is modern with lots of gold metals and plush rounded booths. I think it is great for a slightly elevated night out.

What to Wear

Anything! You don't need to be too fancy, but I would recommend a dressier blouse with black jeans and heels as being the most casual you go.

Who I'd Recommend Going With

This is the perfect spot for a date night or a meal out with parents! There were some larger groups there, but I think it is better for an intimate setting.

What restaurant would you like me to review next?


Alana Robin

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