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Apartment Upgrade Hacks | Featuring Dormify

I am constantly in a state of "looking to upgrade my decor", so have been trying to find the best hacks to give my room a face lift without breaking the bank. It can get expensive to always want a new look, so I am here to help with some tips and tricks to refresh your apartment style this summer.

One of my favorite websites to go to for apartment decorations is Dormify. I shopped on Dormify a ton throughout college, and find that their style has evolved to keep up with trends while also having great post-grad styles - all fit for a college/post-grad budget.

Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Room

Upgrading your room doesn't mean you need all new furniture. Focus on the decorative accents and you can refresh while staying in budget. My best hacks are to:

  • De-clutter any-and-everything

  • Add some decorative pillows

  • Get new wall art

  • Add a new rug

  • Swap out your duvet cover

  • Leverage twinkle lights

  • Switch out photos in frames

How I Upgraded My Apartment for Under $150

To upgrade my own room, I did a combination of new throw pillows, storage cubes, and wall decor. For under $150, my room feels fresh and new.

Navy Chenille Knit Tassel Pillow

This pillow is incredibly soft and fits in perfecty with my chabby-chic bedding. I love it for a more grown-up version of the fur pillows I used to use throguhout college. It is an apartment staple that would look great mixed-and-matched with other colors.

Velvet Pineapple Pillow

Pineapples are the ultimate sign of hospitality and add a little bit of a summer flare to my room. I love the gold foil and velvet combo for a more sophisticated take on the print.

Shelf Bins - Small & Large

I have way too much stuff for my shoebox of a New York City apartment, so have been trying to re-organize over the past few months. These shelf bins come in sets of two and have been a lifesaver to sort through anything from paper & notebooks to beauty supplies.

Brunch Club Banner

We all know I love brunch, so it was only fitting for me to add a brunch club banner to my fung shui. It makes for the perfect subtle-yet-playful wall art, and I smile a little every time I look at it.

If you're feeling inspired? Upgrade your apartment on with a 15% discount. Just enter code ALANA15 for 15% off your order thru 8/31!

What are your favorite ways to easily upgrade your apartment? I am always looking for new inspiration...


Alana Robin

Disclaimer: While items in this post were gifted for my review and the links track traffic, all opinions and thoughts are my own. I only write about companies that I truly recommend to you, and Dormify has been a favorite of mine for over 6 years.

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