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All Pink Everything: Pietro Nolita

When I was a kid I used to walk around telling anyone who said orange was their favorite color that they were seriously disturbed. Obviously I had seen legally blonde a few too many times...since then I’ve always been obsessed with the color pink.

When I heard about Pietro Nolita I was intrigued and curious if the food would match the hype for the decor.

A few weeks ago I was finally done with work early enough on Friday to think that I could get in without too long away. My best friend and I met up down at the little spot in Soho. From the moment we arrived, the outside greeted us with warm millennial pink and we walked down the steps into the all pink cave.

I say cave because this is a very small restaurant there or maybe a dozen tables - all of which were just inches apart. It’s a great spot for a girls night out if you have a smaller group, but I would not recommend going with more than 6 people.

We were fortunate enough to get a table in the corner booth, so we had ample space for food and drinks!

We started with a bruschetta and pink cocktails, both of which were delicious. There were quite a few appetizers that we wanted to try, but the bruschetta was a good decision. It was the right size for two and left us with enough room for our entrees.

I ordered a Fusilli al Limon, aka pasta with vegetables, lemon and almond topper. I had never had a pasta quite like this before and absolutely loved it. This weekend, I picked up some sliced almonds at Trader Joe's to add to my next at home pasta dinner.

My friend ordered the pesto gnocchi, and we both were very happy with our food. This restaurant was quite affordable as well which is rare for such an Instagram-y spot.


The food was much better quality than I expected seeing as it was a bit of a gimmicky place. My recommendation would be to go either on the earlier side or on a weeknight to ensure that you’re able to get a table without too long of a wait. The next time I return I will also come hungry for more of their delicious appetizers!

XOXO, Alana

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